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                                 For additional information on the area, such as lodging or dinning/banquet facilities,

please contact the Chamber at 518-585-6619 or at chamberinfo@ticonderogany.com

                                                            *NOTICE*      PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING:                                            


Dear Angler:   

* Please be aware that the  recent discovery of Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS), a viral disease of fish, in New York and other states had led to the imposition of emergency regulations in an effort to prevent the spread of this disease.  These emergency regulations have the potential to significantly impact your ice fishing activities, as these emergency regulations include restrictions on the use of live fish as bait and include:

* All live fish destined for the waters of New York State are required to have a fish health inspection report that certifies the fish to be disease free.  This includes all fish including live fish for use as bait fish.  Therefore, in order for a bait shop or commercial bait dealer to sell bait fish, the shop or dealer must have a fish health inspection report that pertains to those fish. 

*  Personally harvested bait fish can only be used on or in the body of water from which they were caught.  Tributaries are considered separate bodies of water. 

* The personal (non-commercial) possession limit of bait fish is 100 regardless of whether those fish were personally harvested or purchased from a legal commercial source. 

* The above list of restrictions is simplified from the emergency regulation package.  More detailed information is available on the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) website ( www.dec.state.ny.us )






To Learn More About How to Protect Lake George From Invasive Species Click On The Button




                       Remember these retailers are a great source for information and products for fishing in our beautiful area.


* A broad selection of lakes, ponds and streams in the Ticonderoga area makes it an angler’s paradise. In fact Ticonderoga affords access to two of the most beautiful fresh water inland lakes in the United States, Lake George and Lake Champlain, and to some of the best fishing in New York State. Kids love casting, and a fisher of any age can land a big one. Various fishing derbies and major tournaments are held throughout the season on both lakes, originating in local towns such as Hague, Port Henry and Ticonderoga. Check with the Ticonderoga Area Chamber of Commerce, 518-585-6619, for specific dates and guidelines. Fishing licenses are required for those sixteen and older. Bait and tackle are available in town, and boat rentals or charters are available.

* Free Fishing Days
Each year, the last full weekend in June is designated as Free Fishing Days in New York State. During those two days, anyone can fish New York State waters, and no fishing license is required. This event started in 1991 to allow all people the opportunity to sample the incredible fishing New York State has to offer. Since no license is required, it is the perfect time to take a friend or relative fishing.

***Safety Warning to our boating friends: The Fort Ticonderoga launch is also home to the Fort Ti Ferry, which is a cable ferry. Beware when the Ferry is in transit as the cable is very near the surface!!

* Lake Champlain can be easily accessed at the Fort Ticonderoga Ferry Landing (Route 74), a very scenic fishing site which also has a public boat launch, picnic area and restrooms. The Crown Point Reservation (Route 22N to the Bridge Road) also is an access site and home of the Champlain Memorial Lighthouse. Further north, Bulwagga Bay and the Port Henry Public Beach (Route 22N in Port Henry) offer fishing in Lake Champlain all year-long. At the south end of the lake, South Bay (Route 22 north of Whitehall) has a public boat launch and is a good site for walleyed, northern pike, perch and bullhead.

* The LaChute River just below the falls in Ticonderoga's Percy Thompson Bicentennial Park is another good fishing spot. You can fish from the stepped rock ledges or the grassy shore for rainbow trout, or if the time is right, landlocked salmon. The LaChute River Interpretive Trail offers access to other stretches of the river.


To Learn More About How to Protect Lake George From Invasive Species Click on the Above Button

*  Lake George can be reached at several sites in the Ticonderoga area. The Mossy Point Public Boat Launch (Black Point Road) is a fishing site as well as boat access, and it has a restroom. The Rogers Rock Campsite and Day Use Area (Route 9N) south of Ticonderoga is an excellent fishing spot., This site also has a boat launch, restrooms and picnic area with a superb view of the lake.

*  Eagle Lake has fast become a popular spot for fishing year round. Located on Route 74 west of Ticonderoga, Eagle Lake is well known for its stock of brown and rainbow trout and its wonderful scenic mountain views. Eagle Lake can be accessed from the Eagle Lake Public Boat Launch on Route 74.

*  Putnam Pond, which is also reached from Route 74, is a beautiful scenic mountain pond that offers good fishing possibilities. The Putnam Pond Day Use Area also has a picnic area, restrooms and small playground if the young angler grows weary.

*  Both Schroon Lake and Paradox Lake (Route 74.) offer a wealth of fishing possibilities. Large and small mouth bass, landlocked salmon, assorted trout, and perch are some of’ the varieties found in these waters.


Note: Boaters and Anglers:  please remember that you can help prevent the spread of unwanted aquatic plant and animal species by following the guidelines listed below.  It is important to follow them for the health of our lakes and rivers.

• Remove all mud and aquatic plants from all gear, boats, motors and trailers before departing from your fishing location

• Drain all water including bilges, live wells, and bait tanks before departing from your fishing location

• Do not transport fish from one body of water to another

• Do not release unused bait into a body of water

• Do not dispose of fish carcasses or by-products in any body of water


The following designations are used to indicate the agency that operates a particular boat launch site. Boaters should expect to pay a day use fee for launches within a DEC Campground during the camping season.

• (D) - DEC

• (P) - Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation

• (C) - Canal Corporation

The following definitions will assist you in determining if a particular site will accommodate your boat:

• Hard surface or concrete ramp --site affords float-off and float-on launching for most trailered boats.

• Beach launch --no float-off or float-on trailered boat capability. Sites will accommodate the approach to the water's edge of small and light trailered boats. Boat may then be pushed on or off trailer. Usually shallow areas.

• Hand launch --no trailer capacity. Boats must be hand carried to the w



                                                                         The DEC requirements for Tournaments:

                                                                       Groups under 21 people DO NOT require a permit.

                                                               Groups of 21 to 50 people require an EXPEDITED Permit.

                                                           Groups over 50 people require insurance and a TRP Permit.

                                                                                 Permits are obtained through the DEC.


Boat Launches in Ticonderoga


• Eagle Lake :Essex County, on Route 74, 1 mile west of the Hamlet of Eagle Lake. Beach launching. Parking for 6 cars and trailers.

• Lake George - Mossy Point : Essex County, Mossy Point. On Black Point Road, two miles south of the Village of Ticonderoga on east shore of Lake George. Hard surface launching ramp. Parking for 100 cars and trailers. Pump out.

• Lake George - Rogers Rock : (D) - Warren County, Campground . On Route 9N, 3 miles north of the Hamlet of Hague. Concrete ramp. Parking for 24 cars and trailers.

• Paradox Lake : (D) - Essex County, Campground . On Route 74, 2 miles east of the Hamlet of Severence. Parking for 25 cars and trailers. Hard ramp.

• Putnam Pond : (D) - Essex County, Campground . Off Route 74, 6 miles west of the Village of Ticonderoga. Parking for 10 cars and trailers. Hard ramp

• Lake Champlain - Ticonderoga: Essex County, Ticonderoga, On Route 74 at the Ticonderoga Ferry. Hard Surface launching ramp. Parking for 50+ cars and trailers. Restrooms

• Lake Champlain - Crown Point: Reservation -(D) - Essex County, On Bridge road off Route 9N, 7 miles north of the Village of Crown Point. Hard Surface ramp. Parking for 10 cars and trailers.

• Lake Champlain - Port Henry: , Essex County, Off Route 22 in Village of Port Henry. Hard surface launching ramp. Parking for 45 cars and trailers.



Snug Harbor Marina, Inc.

Dockside Landing Marina

  Wal-Mart Supercenter





http://www.basstrails.com/site/clubs/index.php?cID=1 Schenectady Elite Anglers


*  All Essex County waters except Lake George: yellow perch and sunfish - all year; any size; any number.

*  The use, or possession for use, of alewife and blueback herring as baitfish is prohibited in all Essex County waters.


Fish Species Key

Abbreviation Species Abbreviation Species
BC Black crappie RBS  Redbreast sunfish
Bgs Bluegill  RT  Rainbow trout
BT Brown trout S Smelt
C.Pkl Chain pickerel SMB Smallmouth bass
LLS Chain pickerel Spk Splake
LMB Largemouth bass T. Musky Tiger Muskellunge
LT Lake trout WAE Walleye
NP                    Northern pike WF Tiger Muskellunge
Pks Pumpkinseed WAE Walleye
    YP Yellow perch
*Trout = brook, brown and rainbow; and hybrids of these species; and splake


The table below lists the lakes and ponds in Essex County that are open to ice fishing. Please note that some waters are privately owned and it is the angler's responsibility to obtain the necessary permissions before fishing these waters.


Ice Fishing Seasons:

• November 15 - April 30 - for those species in the General Angling Regulations for which there is no closed season or no minimum length.

• November 15 - March 15 - for northern pike, pickerel, tiger muskellunge and walleye.

*       Two (2) hand lines and five (5) tip-ups may be used, except if noted in the Special Regulations section. All tip-ups must be marked with the name and address of the operator; the operator must be present when lines (either tip-ups or hand lines) are in the water. Ice shanties must be marked on the outside with the owner's name and address in letters at least three inches high. Shanties must be removed from all waters by March 15.

Note: Special regulations apply to underlined waters.

Essex County Waters With Ice Fishing

Water Town Town Species
Bartlett Pond Moriah Public T. Musky , Pks
Berrymill Pond Ticonderoga Public NP , YP , Pks
Crowfoot Pond Moriah Public/Private YP
Dudley Pond Crown Point Private NP , YP
Eagle Lake Crown Point/ Ticonderoga Public/Private BT , WF , YP , Pks
Flemming Pond Crown Point Private NP , YP , Pks
Lake Champlain See Lake Champlain link at top of page    
Lake George Ticonderoga Public/Private LT , LLS , RT , BT , NP , C.Pkl , BC , YP , Bgs , Pks
Moriah Pond Moriah Public YP
Mud Pond (1/2 mile W of Penfield Pond) Crown Point Private YP
Newport Pond Moriah Private NP , YP , Pks
Overshot Pond Crown Point Private YP
Parch Pond Moriah Private YP
Pine Pond Moriah Public NP
Putnam Pond Ticonderoga Public YP , NP , T. Musky , Pks
Round Pond Moriah Public YP , Pks
Sherman Lake Crown Point Public C.Pkl , Pks
Smith Pond Moriah Private NP ?
Worcester Pond Ticonderoga Private NP , YP , Pks



*  Personally harvested bait fish can only be used on or in the body of water from which they were caught. Tributaries are considered separate bodies of water.

* The personal (non-commercial) possession limit of bait fish is 100 regardless of whether those fish were personally harvested or purchased from a legal commercial source.

* The above list of restrictions is simplified from the emergency regulation package. More detailed information is available on the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) website ( www.dec.state.ny.us )





























Ice Fishing Special Regulations for Essex County


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