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Business Focused. Community Minded. Future Driven.

Business Focused. Community Minded. Future Driven.

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The Ticonderoga Area Chamber of Commerce (TACC) Ambassadors are pleased to announce they will hold a Mini-Golf family friendly fundraising event on Friday, October 20th, 2017 which will include Glow-Golf and Trivia as well as complimentary snacks, dessert, and non-alcoholic beverages. A cash bar will be available for adults 21 and older. The cost will be $15.00 per person (ages 13 and up) and $10.00 per student/child (up to age 12).  This event is open to the public.

The TACC Ambassadors will use the proceeds to implement a project of their choice. The Ambassadors are currently looking into purchasing a screen and projector to be used by the Chamber and to be able to show outdoor movies. They also hope to be able to allow other organizations to use the equipment for programs within the community.  

“The Ambassadors are thrilled to offer this event to the community. We have been working hard to not only assist the Chamber in all of their efforts but to reach our goal of purchasing the screen and projector. This event will be family friendly, high energy, and great fun. Together with all of the Ambassadors we invite you to join us. By working together with the Chamber, Members, Partners, and the Ambassadors we are able to help the Chamber live their motto of Business Focused, Community Minded, and Future Driven,” shared Jodi Gibbs -  Inter-Lakes Health/ TACC Ambassador Chairperson. 

Ambassadors are additional representatives of the Ticonderoga Area Chamber of Commerce for businesses and organizations. Ambassadors assist at Chamber events throughout the year.  Part of the role of an Ambassador is also being involved in the community, fostering new relationships with area businesses and organizations, and to act as an informational resource for members of the chamber.  Ambassadors have the ability to strengthen the business community and reach out to the greater Ticonderoga Area through TACC.  Ambassadors also welcome new TACC members and Ticonderoga Area community members as well as visitors.

“We are honored to be able to host this event for the Chamber Ambassadors to show our continued support of the community and all the Chamber does to make the Ticonderoga Area a better place to live, work, and visit. We are a proud TACC Member,” commented Jay Wells – Owner of Five Nations Golf.

For more information visit, the TACC facebook page, or call 518-585-6619.

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