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The Farmers’ Market 2017 season is over, but the Chamber is already reviewing the season and planning for 2018. The future of the market including growth, location, events, and much more are always being reviewed by the Chamber and the committee. The Chamber always is very strategic with their efforts and hopes to continue to grow the market to continue to serve the area.

Special events are known to generate excitement, increase attendance and help to develop strong community support for farmers’ markets. Throughout 2017 a number of events were held in coordinate with the Ticonderoga Area Farmers Market for the community and visitors.

“Having all events and activities scheduled in advance and listed on a rack card for distribution was a milestone for us”, stated Matt Courtright, Executive Director of the Ticonderoga Area Chamber of Commerce, the market sponsor.  “I’m always happy when activities are offered and this past summer there were numerous well-attended special events including kid’s activities, program, and live music. I believe the rack card allowed people to be aware of and plan for them.”

Local musicians also performed at the market throughout 2017 adding to the experience for those in attendance as well as the farmers and vendors.

“Live music is perfect for the whole family”, exclaimed June Curtis, Market Advisor.  “In 2017, we had a banner year, hosting a mix of local musicians every month in the season.  In my mind there is nothing more fantastic than listening to lively tunes while sauntering through the open air market, discovering the bounty displayed by our farmers and vendors and having the opportunity to sit and enjoy live music. The musicians seem to bring a festival along with them to the market.”

Throughout the nation, farmers markets are flourishing and families are introducing their children to healthy foods and to the farmers that produce them. Market Manager Carol Wood Ramundo was a leader in teaching children about this important chain in the farm to table movement. 

“It was such fun creating activities for the kids and working with them on eco-friendly projects”, offered Carol. “We fostered learning and enjoyed many crafts from decorating pumpkins to making race cars (for the annual car show) out of recycled paper towel rolls, all simple, safe and healthy.”

This was also the third year a Holiday Market was held on the first Friday of December as part of the Chambers Holiday Shopping & Dining event.

Although the ground is covered in snow the market organizers are already planning for the 2018 season. The Farmers Market will continue to operate at the Wicker Wood location at 1114 Wicker Street on Saturdays from July 7th to October 13th from 10 am to1 pm.

“We are pleased that Carol and Rick have invited us back to Wicker Wood”, said June Curtis. “The location has served us well and we couldn’t ask for better landlords! This coming year, Carol and I are stepping back and taking on more oversight activities while Katelyn Chevier is assuming the lead as the Market Manager.  Katelyn is the Administrative Assistant at the Chamber of Commerce with special event responsibilities including the Farmers Market. She most successfully held the Arts Director position at the Ticonderoga Heritage Museum this past summer and is well equipped in training and experience to manage the market.”

Katelyn joined the Chamber Team in August of 2017 as the Administrative Assistant with plans to become the Ticonderoga Area Farmers Market Manager as her role grew.

“I’m looking forward to the Market Manager position and a wonderful experience ahead with our farmers, vendors and consumers”, offered Katelyn Chevier. I want everyone to know that I appreciate the importance of our food growers and suppliers as well as the local economy. I will advocate for the support of agriculture, commerce and the community as a whole. I understand that 2018 will be the 5th year anniversary of the resurgence of the Ticonderoga Area Farmers’ Market. One of my goals will be to recognize the enormous growth of the market with a 5th year anniversary celebration, honoring the Chamber, farmers, vendors, shoppers, our Members, Partners, and much more.

The Farmers Market is sponsored by the Ticonderoga Area Chamber of Commerce with the support of many organizations, businesses and individuals. The market has received the invaluable support from Town of Ticonderoga, International Paper Company, Stewarts Holiday Match, Clinton & Essex Counties Creating Healthy Schools and Communities, Geraws OK Septic Service and Carol and Rick Ramundo.  Grant awards from Stewarts Shops, Essex County Arts Council, and Cultural Arts Initiative have underwritten musical entertainment and children’s art projects. The market thrives by means of the strong support of these advocates who have a deep sense of community and for whom the Chamber and the market are grateful.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for the 2018 Ticonderoga Area Farmers Market, please contact the Chamber Office. Sponsors are needed to operate the market. Farmers, vendors, businesses, local artists and organizations interested in participating in the market should contact the Chamber at 518-585-6619 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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